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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes The Intelligence News different?

The Intelligence News is first and foremost an unbiased, hand-curated, defense news aggregator. We collect more than 250,000 articles from more than 30,000 worldwide news sources every day. We are able to recognize world events as they happen and instantly create a digital timeline of that event. This allows us to deliver not just news, but real context and insight. We can even show you where a story was first published, in what language, and which publication.

If you’re just an aggregator, how can you say you bring people top stories “first”?

We constantly beat top news sites to major stories. Most people get their daily news from 1-3 sources. When a major story is reported by one new outlet, it can take a day or longer before other sites are able to write up their version of the story. This is especially true if the story is first broken on a small or lesser-known site. Since we are constantly monitoring the entire internet for stories, we pick up on major headlines and post those stories right away, without the need to re-write it ourselves, have that re-write edited, approved, etc. As such, we often beat major news sources to top stories.

What is the difference between events and articles?

Great question! This is one of the many features that you won’t find anywhere else. Some news stories are stand-alone articles. Perhaps a U.S. President appoints a new CIA Director, or the NSA launches a new spy satellite. These topics have no particular follow-up or history – they are stand alone events. Many articles, however, are part of an ongoing story line. There might be a new development in the international arms race, or ongoing defense negotiations with a foreign country. These articles are grouped into events and displayed to you in timeline format. Related stories are automatically detected and added to the timeline throughout the days and weeks. This allows you to follow world events in almost real-time, quickly and easily.

Exactly what analytics do you provide?

In addition to compiling articles on the same topic into events, our analytics engine is also able to recognize the specific people, countries or places, and organizations that are present within each articles and event. We then give you information about those people, places, and organizations that allows for a complete understanding of the event. Maps of the area, pictures and bios of those involves, history and websites for the organizations involved and more give unparalleled insight into the event!

Really? A paid subscription for free news?

We hand-select quality, unbiased news from more sources than most people could ever check. We save you time, and give you context, insight, and information far beyond any other news source. And for less than a single cup of coffee per MONTH (that’s right, not one cup per day, just one cup per MONTH), you can have full, unlimited access to best defense news on the internet. Oh, and of course, NO ADS EVER!